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Century is Austin's wood, iron fence, and chain-link specialist. We provide the finest repair and replacement work in town, whether the property is residential or commercial. Our project managers and installers are attentive and help you choose the perfect materials for the wood, iron fence or chain link project.

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Let us know how we can help make your privacy fence plans a reality. You can expect our team to work with speed and efficiency to deliver results that you will love in no time. If you'd like to know more about the process of installing our famous privacy fence, take a look at our step-by-step guide.

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Century is a group of dedicated fence contractors Austin, TX. The next time you need prompt fence installation, come to Century for wood, iron, or chain-linked options. We started as a side business, but soon had enough clients due to word of mouth alone. Let us put our 15 years of experience to work for you. We only make use of durable materials, experienced fence contractors in Austin, TX and backed by reliable warranties. We are also insured for your peace of mind.

To find out more, we look forward to having you call us. Let us know what the need is. If an idea is already in mind, perfect. We will make it happen just as it you have it in the your mind’s eye. If not, then allow us the privilege of helping choose the design. Same for businesses. To get started, click the button at the top of the page to get an instant estimate of the cost of new fence installation. Ready, because this place is going to look nothing short of breathtaking when we are complete. So, if you are considering a new fence installation, why settle for just any fence when you can have a beautiful fence for prices that are competitive with far less superior fence installations? Check our instant quote feature and get an instant estimate of the cost of your new fence installation with the fence style, material, and configuration that suits your needs.

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Our mission is to provide Austin and the surrounding areas with superior customer service coupled with high-quality wood, chain link, and iron fencing installations, and staining at the most competitive pricing.

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Century Fence Company – The Best Fence Builders in Austin

Take a moment to scan the internet using the words “most beautiful home” and then take a moment to behold the images that are available. Most likely the pictures will be of homes that display a lot of lush greenery, a well-kept walkway (perhaps made of carefully lined stone structural arrangements), and some rather unique design regarding the architecture of the dwelling. All of this and more, but go ahead and notice something else. Notice that many, in some searches even all the homes that come up are ones that have either a decorative and/or privacy fence around it.

The fence builder that knows this best are the reliable fence builders at Century Fence Company in Austin. Adding a new fence to an existing home or commercial building is adding a level of beauty and privacy to the building that will make a noticeable difference to those who live or work there. A new fence also will add a lot to the look and presentation of the building. This really matters in instances where careful time and effort has been given towards the grounds for any reason. Century Fence Company finds quite often that the whole home or office has a new grandeur, a new sense of pride is displayed for all to see once we have come and installed a new fence.

The Most Beautiful Wooden Privacy Fences in Austin

Also, consider privacy provided by beautiful wood privacy fences. Wouldn't it be nice the next time that a BBQ or a birthday celebration is in order to have some privacy? All over Austin, fence designs by Century Fence Company deliver that much-desired privacy to every home that we work on. Take a swim in the pool without feeling like every eye in Texas is watching, as if you were on a magazine photo shoot. This is the home, the place to relax, the place that is for you and your family and friends. Ask anyone who has savored a midnight swim behind one of our quality new fences how they felt, safe and sound behind a Century Fence Company gate or fence.

Many Austin fence companies make a lot of promises, but our customers always know that we are the Austin fence builder with the best possible deal was given on price and installation. We are a skilled group of craftsmen who are at the very pinnacle of fence designing mastery. Anyone with a hammer and a day off can erect something of little use and call it a fence, but Century Fence Company has seen this kind of “do it yourself” fencing many times...usually when we are called to fix them shortly after construction or when we are asked just to tear it down! That was a waste of time, energy, and money. Not to mention materials. We use only the very best metal, the choicest wood, and we do so at price that could not be beaten even if the “do it yourself” job would turn out well.

Commercial Fences in the Austin Area

Businesses all over Austin know the name Century Fence Company, as well. If you have shopped the Austin area for even the briefest of times, then you have seen our work. Our quality craftsmanship is seen all over the city. We offer security that limits snooping. So many businesses and office environments are made more beautiful thanks to the fences that we construct. Parking lots look better, they are far more safe, and that means a lot.

When patrons come, when upper management visits, whenever anyone for any reason happens upon the business, the effective security of the premises is enhanced by the beauty of the fences we design. If the Austin fence builder chosen was Century Fence Company, then it is quite beyond “nice to look at”. People will want to do business there because the company is going to look absolutely marvelous. There will be no unevenness, posts jutting up in all directions, none of that with us. When our crew is done, do not be the least surprised when everyone is commenting on how splendid the place looks, because it is going to happen. Those who patronize the business will comment, but so will those employed there.

Everyone wants to be proud of where they work, and pride often accompanies beauty. Well, we don't just put up fences, Century Fence Company installs beauty and security. We know that this matters, so we have mastered the art matching the perfect fence design to your need. This is something that we do with the office as well as the home. We have even put fences up at warehouses and storage units. In these instances, a job done only half right can be detrimental to a business. That is why these places trust Century Fence Company, the best fence builders in Austin.

When we are called to the site, the business is going to be looking delightful in virtually no time at all. The same is going to be true for the home that uses us. Our crew of workers are first rate, friendly, polite, knowledgeable, fast-working, and able to take the time to wed the perfect fence design to the perfect need or function. We do this daily, flawlessly, without fail.

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