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Century Fence Company is a local, family-owned organization of fence contractors who specialize in fence installation near Austin, Texas. We handle construction, design, and old fence removal, as well as any staining or sealing for wooden fences.

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Our Values

We feel it is important to educate you, the consumer, on all facets of the process, materials, and life expectancy of our fences. Our goal is to help you select a fence package that matches your property, lifestyle, and budget.

The Importance of Quality

We make it a priority to only use quality wood, chain link, and iron in the fences we construct. Many companies primarily offer what is referred to as builder-grade fencing, but we prefer to provide our customers with reliable fencing from durable materials. Thus, your new fencing lasts much longer than the original and looks better during its lifespan.

The Difference Is in the Details

To ensure the longevity of your fence, we use steel 2-3/8" pipe as well as 4 x 4 wood posts, increasing structural integrity. Our team employs pickets of 3/4" and larger as opposed to the standard 1/2" pickets to increase vertical stability. In addition, all of our fences are built with screws instead of nails to support weight. Our quality hinge, striker, and lockable latch kits keep your gate aligned and prevent sagging.  

Unbeatable Experience

Century Fence Company's installers have more than a decade of experience in wood, iron, and chain-link fence construction. This experience translates to skills in all styles of fencing design and construction. We appreciate any feedback after you work with our project managers or installers so we can improve our services.
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More About The Best Fence Company in Austin


The Austin fence company that does the most reliable job?

Century Fence Company.

The Austin Fence company that has the most solid reputation?

Again, Century Fence Company.

We have made it a point of great pride to be the new fence building specialists who are really worthy to be called artists. It takes a level of design, the kind of eye that is often found in architects and master builders, to work at Century Fence Company as an Autin fence builder. Our workers have years of proven experience, too. The wrong fence put up the wrong way is not something that any home or business is going to benefit from.

That is why we take so much time to envision what the fence is going to look like once placed. We know that the home is a spot where a lot of love and a lot of money have both been invested in. When the wise decision to install a new fence is made, the two most vital things to determine is which company is going to do best job, using the most attractive and durable materials. Without fail, that name is Century Fence Company Austin.

We look forward to coming to work each and every day because it means another day of making Austin look great. We love that we are one of the reasons that this part of Texas is time and time again listed in magazines and newspapers as one of the most beautiful places to live in the United States of America. The endless sun, the attention to creative detail that goes into the cites skyscrapers, even the way that the local business and homeowners keep the buildings so well maintained all play a part in it. We love knowing that some of the eye catching, awe inspiring and decorative attraction that helps Austin make the list so often is because of the work that we do.

The other thing that really stands out with Century Fence Company is the fact the we keep our work priced at a level that just has to be heard to be believed. Much of the costs in involved in new fence building is dependent upon the size of the needed fence, as well as what kind of fencing is requested. Having said that, there is no fencing company in Texas that even begin to offer the kind of low prices and solid service that Century Fence Company offers every day. That means that there is only one thing left to do, and that is to call us. We have a friendly voice waiting to talk to you about what the home or business needs. If there are ideas already floating around in the mind’s eye, we would love to hear about it. If not, then we would love to get you excited by showing just what we can bring to the table in terms of beauty, privacy, and safety.

Call Century Fence Company today, and be prepared to have the house or company grounds looking better than even hoped for.