Prompt Wood Fence Installation

Clients in Austin, Texas, often ask our fence company what goes into a project for Century Fence Company. We've decided to compile a step-by-step guide to give both current and potential clients a better idea of what we do when it comes to installing our popular wooden fences.

Step 1:

This is the beginning phase where you determine which style of wood fence you want, the area you will need enclosed, and your budget based on these variables. Some sample wood fence packages can be found in our packages page to help you begin this process. If you do not find what you like, we have a custom designer who can help you create the exact wood fence what you have in mind.

Step 2:

Now that you have an idea of what you need, Century Fence will send a project coordinator to the construction site. During this time, the coordinator will provide an estimate and go over any areas that may need to be cleared for a safe work environment. A diagram of the project will also be created so both parties understand what the final outcome should look like.

Step 3:

Based on the weather and your schedule, a timeline will be devised, along with a completion date. Once the job begins, both the installation crew and the property owner will have an idea of how the project will progress. We collect the deposit at this step as well, 50% of the project's final cost.

Step 4:

During this phase, the installers set up their work areas, tools, and materials. The full job will be executed, from the removal of old fencing and post hole digging to installation with high-strength concrete. We follow this with runners and picket assembly. The process takes an average of two-to-five days for a standard residential project, but some jobs can require extra time. Because the timeframe is always calculated before the project begins, there should be no hidden surprises. All of our wood fence gates are fabricated onsite, with all new hardware. We offer a variety of sizes with our wood fence gates, be sure to get the size that best fits your needs.

Step 5:

Project inspection after completion is very important because quality control is a strong focus in our work. We will complete this process while ensuring the scrap wood and debris are completely cleared from the area.

Step 6:

Homeowner inspections with the project manager are generally simple, but are also an important process. Century Fence seeks to ensure full satisfaction with our customers before closing out the project.

Step 7:

Final payment will be due for services rendered while a warranty certificate is produced. This time will also be taken to review maintenance for your new fence. Projects such as this are considered home updates, and require their own special maintenance to extend their life and keep a beautiful appearance for years to come.