Several Varieties of Wooden Fences

At Century Fence in Austin, Texas, our staff is available every weekday to answer your questions about our wooden fences or our other commercial and residential fencing options. On-site estimates are provided at no charge, so you never have to pay for anything until you decide to do business with us. Get in touch with us to learn more about any of the fences listed below.

The Mopac

Our most popular residential wood fencing, the Mopac, is typically built to replace an older, builder-grade wood fencing. It is also a great fence for homeowners looking for privacy or pet and child safety. This wood fencing installation package includes removal of your existing fence if needed. To construct it, we use 3/4" cedar pickets, three 2x4 rails, and either 2 3/8" steel or 4x4 wood posts set 24" deep in the ground.

We recommend Fence Staining to extend the Mopac's lifespan and to keep it looking new. The Fence Staining from Ready Seal resists water breakdown in the wood's pulp, prevents the infestation of insects, and prevents the grey or ash color that can set in on untreated fences after 10 months. Fence Staining not only improves the overall look of the fence but also the life of the fence.



The Barton

This unit is a favorite for residential yards where visibility and foliage matter most. This type of fencing is solid, breathable, and open, with western red cedar lumber. Its construction makes the Barton very trendy in our area. It also incorporates bull panel galvanized steel grating housed inside of a wood frame. In some instances, the Barton fence can be modified for privacy by employing the bull pin style construction.

The Austonian

The Austonian is horizontal style that is a great replacement for builder-grade Cedar fence or fencing that has come to the end of its life cycle. The Austonian is a cedar fence, with all of its rich color variations and textures, to warm up any area. A popular match for modern outdoor living areas, this cedar fence is both pleasing to the eye and durable, much like red cedar decks and pergolas.