Privacy Policy of Century Fence Company of Austin

There are some fencing companies that remind us of the term “mutually exclusive”. That means trying to have two opposing views both held as fact at the same time. In terms of fencing, there are those companies that take the time to put a fence onto a commercial or residential property making the grounds safer, only to then turn around and sell the customer data to data mining companies who will turn around themselves and make the grounds less safe.

Does that make even an ounce of sense?

In Austin, a new fence should come with a little bit of common sense and courtesy. That means that when we answer the phone to talk to you about a new fence and the needs therein, that we don't wait until your back is turned to immediately engage in the shady practice of selling your contact information so that we can add a few dollars to the bottom line. We happen to think that those kinds of practices should be frowned upon by everyone, which is why we do not ever do such things. When business is done with us, it means only us. We don't try to make extra money by dabbling in things that we have no business dabbling in. We don't have to. We are doing just fine leading the new fence installation industry in how the make the perfect fence.

We don't sell address information, email address facts, or anything else about the purchase that has been made. If we were to do that, then the people of Austin who trust us every day would be facing door to door salesman coming to sell maybe... new windows. Sure, after all, if you just purchased a new fence then you must need new windows, right? That is how this kind of thing happens, and we at Century Fence Company would like to make it known that we never do those kinds of sneaky things. We use computers that have secure servers. This keeps prying, snooping eyes that belong to identity thieves far, far away from all personal data.

When you call Century Fence Company, the person who joyfully takes the call is going to be trained well in advance in exactly how all personal data is to be both handled and stored. We have found that doing business this way is the way that affords the highest level of customer security. It is for this reason that we keep careful protocols in place that keep personal data private data. NO ONE is ever getting even a glimpse at such information.

To find out more, or if any questions exist about how Austin’s favorite fence company, the fence company that other fence companies wish that they were handles personal data, please give us a call. We will set the mind at rest about how such things are handled here. We shall then set up the perfect time to come there and see the grounds. When a new fence from Century Fence Company is put up everyone is going to be raving about how classy the place looks. Just wait and see. It is what we bring to the home and to the business every day.