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Fence building, be it a new fence or a fence that is simply in need of repair, is work that is needed to be done right if the level of beauty and privacy that are most desired is to be achieved. There can be no room for error, and even less room for just anyone to blindly place just any design in front or around just any building. It matters that the fence compliments the home, that it brings out the best features of the home like a lady’s dress may bring out her eyes in an evening gown.

That is the kind of eye for design and flare that Century Fence Company brings to every new residential fence that we construct. Sure, the new residential fence needs to be sturdy, lend itself to security, and offer a level of privacy that will make the whole dwelling more pleasant to behold. However, there is a lot more to it than even that. The new fence needs to be something that makes the whole home really beam and shine. That is the only way to describe it, and it is something that is quite visible in every fence that we put up.

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Residential Fence Builders in Austin

The other very important thing to keep firmly in mind is that Century Fence Company also repairs existing residential fences. There is a good chance that if the fence on the property now is in some state of disrepair that we can fix it. Not only that, but we can do so with quality materials that will hold up for a long, long time. We can match our fence repair to the existing color and format of design that is already present. This is something that no one does better than Century Fence Company. Many other companies immediately jump to a “new fence” as the solution to every problem.

Certainly, a new fence is the surest way to bring optimum beauty to the home, but if a fence is already there and loved, we see no reason to rip it down. We will happily repair the existing residential fence. When the bill is given, that is where our last big surprise is. People say that they never imagined that the home could look so good and so prestigious as it does when we are done with our residential fence building. The other thing that they say is that the price given is so far lower than planned upon that we are often asked to repeat ourselves. It is true that we use only the very best materials, that we have only the most talented construction crew in Texas, and that we are design specialists of Austin fence mastery.

Let us give a quote that we stick to and that is utterly unbelievable. To find out more about Century Fence Company, the residential fence builders Austin, Texas trusts the most, call us today. Whether it is a repair or a new fence that is needed, get it done with a level of pride in craftsmanship that will stand out via beauty and durability.